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    Gratitude In Reverse

    Sometimes we get so caught up in our junk, we have a hard time finding the blessings hidden in the madness. When that happens to me, I go straight to the bad and reverse it into something good. This is what comes up this Monday:

    • I’m sick and miserable —> Thank goodness I only have a cold and I’m finally getting my voice back. So glad it’s not the flu or something worse.
    • I am EXHAUSTED —> Thank goodness my freelance job extended me an extra week with extra hours. That unexpected pay check is going to pay a couple extra round of bills I was starting to worry about.
    • I wish I were enjoying this pretty day instead of being cooped inside—> Thank goodness I get to work from home in a comfortable pair of sweats. It’s so much worse having to work in an office when you feel sick and tired and can’t be bothered to make an effort to get dressed.

    Catch my drift? At the end of the day, things can always be so much worse and look at how much better you have it after all! Sometimes you have to just go with the stinking thinking and then work your way backwards to realize, it’s not that bad.

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